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Hess Midstream owns a system of gathering pipelines that extend nearly 1,600 miles to support production growth in the core of the Bakken. These pipelines move crude oil and natural gas from remote Hess wells to processing and storage facilities. The system has the capacity to add additional customers and can be expanded to tie-in additional wells.

In addition, Hess Midstream owns an extensive water gathering system north of the Missouri River. This integrated system includes pipeline gathering, produced water disposal and trucking.

Natural Gas Gathering Pipelines & Compression

Natural Gas Gathering and Compression
A natural gas gathering and compression system connects Hess and third-party owned or operated wells to the Tioga Gas Plant and third-party pipeline facilities. This gathering system consists of approximately 1,200 miles of high-and low-pressure natural gas and Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) gathering pipelines with a current capacity of approximately 370,000 Mcf per day, including an aggregate compression capacity of 190,000 Mcf per day.

Hawkeye Gas Facility
The system includes the Hawkeye Gas Facility, which has the capability to compress 50,000 Mcf per day of natural gas, extract imbedded NGLs and remove water vapor. The compressed gas and mixed NGLs are transported to the Tioga Gas Plant either as separate or combined streams for processing

Water Gathering
The gathering system also includes 250 miles of water gathering pipelines and approximately 40 million barrels per day of produced water gathered.

Crude Oil Gathering Pipelines and Pumping

Crude Oil Gathering
A crude oil gathering system connects Hess and third-party owned or operated wells to the Ramberg Terminal Facility, the Tioga Rail Terminal and the Johnson’s Corner Header System. The system features approximately 400 miles of crude oil gathering pipelines with a capacity of approximately 160,000 barrels per day, and export connectivity to both interstate pipelines and the Tioga Rail Terminal.

Hawkeye Oil Facility
Included in the system is the Hawkeye Oil Facility, a crude oil pumping and truck unloading facility that receives crude oil through pipeline and truck deliveries from Hess and third parties and transports it by pipeline to the Ramberg Terminal Facility. Total receipt capacity of the facility is approximately 75,000 barrels per day, which can be filled solely through our crude oil gathering system or through a combination of our crude oil gathering system and truck unloading bays.

The facility’s truck unloading bays have an aggregate capacity of approximately 30,000 barrels per day, and a redelivery capability of approximately 75,000 barrels per day through a pipeline connected to the Ramberg Terminal Facility.

There arealso storage tanks with a combined working storage capacity of approximately 10,000 barrels of crude oil.