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About Us

About Us

Hess Midstream (NYSE: HESM) is a fee-based, growth-oriented midstream company that owns high-quality infrastructure located in the core of the Bakken.

About Our Sponsors

The relationship we have with our Sponsors, especially Hess, is one of our principal strengths.

  • Hess Corporation is a global independent energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. Visit Hess Corporation
  • Global Infrastructure Partners is an independent infrastructure fund that invests in infrastructure assets and businesses across three core sectors: energy, transportation and water/waste. Visit Global Infrastructure Partners

Prolific North Dakota Bakken Shale Region

  • Integrated infrastructure in core of Bakken provides competitive advantage to Hess and third parties
    Our integrated assets are strategically located in the core of the Bakken and offer a diversified service offering attractive netback pricing and access to a range of export options. These factors provide us with a competitive advantage in capturing additional volumes from third parties, including producers that are seeking to grow production in the Bakken and reduce crude oil trucking and natural gas flaring.
  • Stable and growing cash flows supported by long-term, fee-based contracts
    Our commercial agreements with Hess provide us with an attractive and stable cash flow base with significant opportunities to grow our business. Our long-term, fee-based commercial contracts with Hess, a high-quality commercial counterparty, provide substantially all of our revenues. They are based on broad Bakken production dedications with minimum volume commitments, annual inflation escalators and fee recalculation mechanisms, all of which are intended to provide us with cash flow stability and growth, as well as downside risk protection.
  • Investment in our high-quality infrastructure base to capture growth
    The majority of our assets were constructed or have undergone extensive renovations within the past five years. We have continued to invest in our uniquely positioned asset base to capture additional volumes resulting from Hess’ expected drilling activity and are in the process of expanding our processing capacity from 350 MMcf/d to 500 MMcf/d by mid-2021.
  • Our strategic relationship with our Sponsors
    We believe that our Sponsors are incentivized to support and promote our business plan and to encourage us to pursue projects that enhance the overall value of our business. We believe that or relationship with our Sponsors and Hess’ plan to use us as the primary midstream vehicle to support the growth of its Bakken assets and grow its midstream business will provide us with a stable base of cash flows and significant growth opportunities.
  • Experienced and integrated leadership team with strong execution track record and focus on safety
    Our management team has substantial experience and an established record of safety and reliability in the development, management and operation of our midstream assets. Our senior management team includes several of Hess’ most senior officers, who average over 20 years of experience in the energy industry. Our management team is integrated closely with Hess’ Bakken operating team and works closely with that team in the planning and execution of Hess’ Bakken development and infrastructure projects. Our management team is also committed to maintaining and improving the safety, reliability, integrity and efficiency of our operations, which we believe are key components in generating stable cash flows. We will also continue to utilize Hess’ strong internal safety review program and maintain a comprehensive employee safety training program.